#183: Go see Kelly and Michael

Going to see Kelly and Michael at the ABC Studios in New York is free and a lot easier to get tickets than you may think. For some reason I […]

Michael StrahanGoing to see Kelly and Michael at the ABC Studios in New York is free and a lot easier to get tickets than you may think.

For some reason I always thought that I’d have to apply a year in advance to get tickets to see Live with Kelly and Michael, but when I happened to check out their website last week, I ended up going to see them two days later. All you have to do is register and if you’re lucky, you’ll get allotted tickets right away and not be put on the Waitlist.

Kelly RipaSo on Wednesday, I headed to the ABC Studios on the Upper West Side for 715am — the Live Show starts at 9am…grrrr. Now what I didn’t know is that there are 2 types of tickets. If you have “Priority” you definitely get in and get the better seats. And if you have “General” tickets like I had, you’re back of the line baby, seated last, and have to wait outside until 8:45am. And if you’re a die hard fan who doesn’t have tickets, show up at the studio around 7am and get on the Standby List. May be worth it as the people that did this got the best seats.

After an hour of standing in the cold, the General Ticket holders finally made it into the warmth of ABC. They allow about 230 people to view each show and the studio is actually really small and intimate. But as I was pretty much at the back of the line, I got the worst seats in the joint, the back row of the balcony. It’s really hard to see from back there so if you can move to the side or downstairs, jump at it.

About 5 minutes before the show started (as it was live…kind of), they asked people to come down and audition to the be the Trivia Dancer. The stipulation for your 5 minutes of fame…you had to wear a bathing suit. As if. But four people got their groove on and the audience voted on the winner.

Cher Lloyd on Kelly and Michael

Cher Lloyd

Then the show started. Kelly and Michael came in, we cheered, they did their News bit, we threw beach balls, I was embarrassed for the Trivia Dancer and then….nothing. I was gypped. Elle Fanning was supposed to be the guest celebrity that day, but she’d actually taped it on the previous day. So we sat in the dark and watched the video. Next up, the runner up for American Idol. As it was a “Live” Show (kind of) it lasted an hour. But as an added “bonus”, they were taping the Friday show as well. And…I got moved downstairs to the front row (woo woo, wearing red works and I made it on TV). So after a lot of production fluffing around, we got to see another News bit, another Trivia Dancer, British singer Cher Lloyd a cooking segment and a work out segment. Once again, gypped from a celebrity.

All in all, it was just okay and I have to admit slightly boring after four hours and I didn’t get to see any celebs!┬áBut I have to say, Kelly and Michael were great. They interacted with the audience, took pictures and are exactly as funny and friendly as you think they are. They actually stood right in front of me at one point that I could have probably jumped up and got a photo with them. And Kelly really is that tiny!

I’m going to try it again in July and hope that a massive celebrity shows up. You got that Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence…I want to see you!

Me on Kelly and Michael

Me on Kelly and Michael

Live Kelly and Michael

Kelly and Michael Show

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